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We offer comprehensive solutions in power quality related challenges in the industry where the load is largely dominated by non-linear loads and controlled by switching devises. The above induces harmonics in the system and often lead to harmonic pollution and which effects the safety of the system. We offer services in studying Harmonis,Load Flow and relay coordination

Harmonic Studies

Power system harmonics is an area that is presently receiving a great deal of attention. This is primarily due to the rapid increase in non-linear, single-phase loads such as switched mode power supplies, small fluorescent lighting ballasts, small uninterruptible power supplies units and single- phase voltage controllers, along with the growth of transistor controlled three-phase loads such as variable speed drives and large uninterruptible power supply units. Together these comprise an ever-increasing portion of the total load of a typical industrial plant or building facility, driven by the need to speed production and increase energy efficiency. In an ideal power system, the current and voltage waveforms would be pure sinusoids. However, in practice, non-sinusoidal currents are generated when the input supply is rapidly switched so that the current flowing in the loads is not linearly related to the applied voltage. The non-linear currents drawn from the supply interact with the supply reactance to cause distortion of the voltage supply and these unwelcome non-sinusoidal voltages can cause problems both on the supply system and throughout the plant and the wider electrical environment.

Harmonics produced by these devices, can, if severe enough, influence other electrical equipment and facilities on the same power supply. Problems caused by harmonic currents are overloading of neutrals, overheating of transformers, nuisance tripping of circuit breakers, over-stressing of power-factor correction capacitors and skin effect in cables. Moreover, problems caused by harmonic voltages are reduced system efficiency, over-heating and torque ripple of induction motors and, in severe cases, plant breakdown.

So harmonic distortion is generally bad news and in a number of ways incurs unnecessary costs. Harmonic reduction, or mitigation, is therefore essential to avoid diminishing the life of plant, reduce downtime and to improve efficiency, ergo, to save money

Load Flow Study

The power-flow study, also known as load-flow study, is an important tool involving numerical analysis applied to a power system. A power-flow study usually uses simplified notation such as a one-line diagram and per-unit system, and focuses on various forms of AC power (i.e.: voltages, voltage angles, real power and reactive power). It analyzes the power systems in normal steady-state,transient operation.

PROLIANCE provides load flow studies using ETAP software provides an integrated facility to create, maintain, track and revise your power system one-line diagrams and report generation in E Tap

Relay Coordination Studies

In any power system network, protection should be designed such that protective relays isolate the faulted portion of the network at the earliest, to prevent equipment damage, injury to operators and to ensure minimum system disruption enabling continuity of service to healthy portion of the network. PROLIANCE provide solution for relay coordination using ETAP software


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